All boxes ticked

The end of another busy day.  And I love my couch!  The only trouble is, once I sit down, it’s very hard to get back up again.

And I’ll need to get up soon so I can take my daughter’s school uniform out of the washing machine so it can be relatively dry for tomorrow – or else she’ll have nothing to wear.  Oh and I have to make her lunch too. Time check: 9.24pm.  The night is just beginning.  Woo hoo.

I can confidently say I have ticked all the boxes today (not necessarily all good ones):


My kids woke me up at just after 6am and came into my bed.  I gave my little boy a huge cuddle and had a chat to my little girl.


At 6.45am, I made the kids their breakfasts then did my Michelle Bridges circuit DVD. Had to pause it a few times when the kids would yell out for more cereal or to show me a picture they’d drawn.


Got the kids dressed and ready for school and day care.  Packed lunches, checked that my daughter had her ‘show and tell’ items and sports uniform.

I think I even managed to say a few words to my husband in the morning rush! But he didn’t really get much more out of me.


Churned through my work today because unlike most of my colleagues, I cannot work back late because I have to pick up my little boy from day care!


Ate some liquorice bullets, a choc chip cookie (not in my FODMAPS diet) and a small bar of Cadbury’s chocolate.

GOOD MUM (again)

Smothered my kids in hugs and kisses when I got home and listened to their stories about their day.

Then I cooked two meals for dinner – didn’t even change out of my work clothes – one for the kids and one for me and my husband.


I never planned to make two meals, but as I started to cook the first meal,  I realised my kids were not going to wear it, so why bother going through the turmoil of tears, etc? So the second meal for them was chicken nuggets and veggies (got to get veggies in there somewhere!).

GOOD MUM (again)

Dished out the kids’ dinner, while still cooking the second one.  Then when the second one was in the oven, I played Connect Four with my kids and husband.

Got the kids into their PJs, read three books (!) and once again smothered them in kisses and cuddles and put them to bed.

GOOD WIFE-ish (again)

Actually sat down with my husband at the dinner table and ate dinner – and had a conversation!  Lawdy!


Checked in with a few friends on Facebook and sent off comments.


Have since been sitting on the couch, working on my laptop, watching ‘Offspring’ and ignoring hubby!  Not meaning to of course, but I am spent!

The end!


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