Phlegm, failures and tummy troubles.

Welcome to our humble home.  Leave your health at the door and be prepared to be surrounded by coughing, sneezing and the soothing sound of gurgling phlegm.

The main reason I haven’t blogged for a few days is that I am battling the mother of all coughs. And when I’m not coughing, my chest is rattling with phlegm and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open at the end of the day. Oh, and I’ve got my period too. Can life get any better?  Yes.

Reading back on what I’ve just written, I’ve realised I’ve already mentioned phlegm twice. So can you tell that we’re all sick and phlegmy??

Work is so busy at the moment and one of the reasons I got myself this sick and run down is because I was trying to deny I was getting sick because I couldn’t take break from work.  And I can’t even look after my own sick kids because of my workload.  I feel like such a failure.

Both kids were home sick today and my husband had to stay at home to look after them.  Tomorrow he has to work and so do I – and it kills me because I know the kids would both benefit from another day home.  But what can we do? I have three things due this week and no-one else can do them.  And if I fail, then it will only make me look as though I can’t manage my time.

So I either fail as a Mum or fail as an employee.

I’ve definitely failed as a wife.  It’s been weeks since I’ve given my husband a good cuddle. It’s very hard to feel sexy when you cough all night and then have to knock yourself out with cough mixture full of codeine.

Oh, and I think I failed as a school mum tonight!

All day my tummy had been bloated from something I’d eaten. Then I had a work event and was struggling with a sore tummy while trying to be super sociable between dashing off to the toilet.  Thank you IBS!

Straight after the event, I went to my daughter’s parent/teacher interview.  Half way through it I felt my stomach start to clench and I suddenly thought “Oh no. I need to go to the toilet and I can’t concentrate on what the teacher is saying!”

I tried to focus and ignore the painful cramping, but I just couldn’t.  So I had to interrupt her and say I had to go to the toilet!!  We had pretty much finished and so she tried to wrap it up by asking if I had any concerns or questions and of course I said no. Luckily my little girl is doing beautifully at school, but I was so embarrassed. Imagine knowing you were cutting short chatting to your child’s teacher because you had to run off to the toilet!

Should I put a little note in my daughter’s school bag and apologise?

Bloody IBS – you shit me! Literally.  Ha Ha Ha.





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