Tune in, drop out

I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been hiding from you all.

I’ve got a shameful confession to make.  I’ve had to drop out of my off campus studies.  I could only do four weeks of study before realising that I just couldn’t do it all.

I just could not keep up with the heavy study load, full time work, being a Mum and a wife.

I was turning in to a narky Mummy who was stressing when the kids weren’t going straight to sleep.  Then I was reading or studying for a few hours and even falling asleep with my textbook on my lap! I was dragging myself into bed, spurning my hubby’s advances and not exercising b/c I felt I had no spare time.

I tried so hard.  I really did! And the hardest part was that I was really enjoying it and had rediscovered my passion for marketing and also my confidence in my abilities.  

You see, I’ve had some moments at work where I’ve really questioned whether I was cutting it in my industry.  But even after 4 weeks of study and great feedback from students and lecturers, I realised that I actually did know what I was talking about, and if given the chance, could really make a difference in the workplace.

Unfortunately, I’m a bit stuck in the role I’ve got which is not stretching my abilities.  It’s getting a bit ho-hum, but my team are a great bunch of girls and my manager is understanding when it comes to trying to balance kids and work.  So it’s not that easy to just leave and find something else.

I hope I haven’t disappointed you all! Rest assured my life is still crazy, crazy, crazy.  





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