I think my husband thinks I’m fat!

Or maybe I’m paranoid?

Because let’s face it, I AM back to my heaviest weight – again!

But why do I think my husband thinks I’m fat?

Well, he DID suggest I rejoin the gym.

Admittedly, he was just trying to be supportive because he knows I’m struggling with trying to get back on to the weight loss track.

But when he suggested the gym thing, the narky bitch inside my head was screaming out, “Why don’t you just come out and say I’m fat!”

Because as all of us who have struggled with their weight may understand, there is always that period of denial where you think that you’ve just put on a tiny bit of weight and no one will notice.

And then you discover your jeans are just a bit more snug than a little while ago.

And then the muffin top spill over becomes worse and worse and before you know it, your husband starts to look at you differently!

Or maybe I’m paranoid?

Hee Hee.

For me, it’s always an ah-hah moment – a big one after a few little alarm bells.

The most recent clincher?  I went out with my family yesterday to Scienceworks Museum .  A brilliant interactive Museum that has a special sports exhibition where you can measure your strength, height..and weight!

My husband and kids jumped on the scales and had a laugh at their weight and then ran off to the next exhibit. I skulked about a bit and them quietly slipped away and jumped on the scales. The numbers came up in bright red digital: 78.3 kilograms!

Yikes! And I’m only 162 cm.  Double yikes!  I didn’t realise I was that overweight and short!

Needless to say, I’m making an appointment for a gym program assessment this weekend.


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