First World problems

For those of you that have real problems, please don’t read on because this blog is all about me moaning about my First World problems. And you’ll just think I’m a selfish, whining twat.

First World problem #1: My tonsils have grown back and now I have tonsilitis!

Well, that was the diagnosis of the very old, but very sweet doctor at the 24 hour clinic I went to on Sunday because I was in so much pain.  I’d had a big night on Friday, and when I woke up Saturday, I just thought my throat was sore from overdoing it the night before.

But as the day dragged on, I couldn’t swallow without being in great pain, and couldn’t even touch my throat without flinching.

My daughter had a play date with her buddy from school and I had to sneak off to have a quick nap!

So now I have taken two days off work, and am on penicillin. I’ll be back at work tomorrow and straight back into the craziness of my workload.

First World problem #2: I have a sore big toe!

Last week my daughter accidentally knocked a photo frame off the wall and it came crashing down on my big toe, splitting it open, with blood gushing everywhere.

In between me trying not to pass out, I was trying to comfort my kids incase they were distressed about all the blood gushing out.  My little boy was very comforting and was rubbing my back and kissing my hand.  But my little girl was having a tantrum because her Daddy had pushed her out of the way!

In the emergency room, my little girl asked if she could come in to see the doctor with me.  Because at that stage we thought my toe may be broken or at least require stitches, I told her, “No, darling. I don’t want you to see Mummy in pain.” To which she replied, “But I came here to see your pain!”.

What a sweetheart.

They didn’t end up stitching my toe and it wasn’t broken.  They just glued it up and it’s been bandaged ever since.  I’ve been hobbling about because it was extremely sore, swollen and bruised.  I’ve had to wear thongs (flip flops) to work much to the amusement of my co-workers!

But yesterday I was able to wear shoes, so I think I am on the mend.

First Word problem #3: My FODMAPS diet is giving me the you-know-whats!

I’ve been trying to stick to it, but I haven’t got my head around it properly and I’ve been cheating it because I’m not eating enough. I’ve been hungry at work and turning to bad foods that make me feel bloated and gross, but I keep doing it for some weird reason.

I think because I have been so slack with my diet and lot looking after myself, that I have been so ill this year.

I’ve re-read my FODMAPS list and am going to really try to be good. It’s just not worth feeling rotten and blah! If any of you are going through the same thing, let me know!

The trouble is, that it rules out so many of the fabbo comfort food I am used to turning to such as cookies, ice cream and chocolate.

I have now discovered that even the dairy free, no wheat, no gluten chocolate that I was kidding myself about it tasting like real chocolate, is on the ‘no’ list as it contains inulin.

So what’s left for me now? Am I doomed to live a chocolate-free life?  Aaagh! Noooooooo!

First World problem #4: I am spiralling into debt in the lead up to Christmas!

I’m in big trouble.  And I need to go into more credit until next payday as I have hair appointments and present buying to do!

Boo hoo to me, eh?

Well, that’s enough of my whining. This is probably the most self-centred post I’ve ever written!  I hope all my gorgeous followers and those of you who are kind enough to ‘like’ my blog read it with a bit of a giggle-  and lots of tolerance!

Hee Hee.


One thought on “First World problems

  1. Hello. I’m also on the low-FODMAPs diet and totally feel your pain! I’ve been on it for 18 months now and I can promise you that it does get easier. I have the constant cravings for chocolate too – but at least I’ve always been a fan of dark chocolate.
    My blog contains low-FODMAPs recipes that I’ve found to be really yummy –
    All the best with everything – happy to provide advice if you need any!


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