Dammit. I forgot to get in shape!

About six months ago I decided that enough was enough and I was going to get into shape in time for my 40th (4 January).  Then I got sick.

Once I recovered, I thought, right I’m going to get into shape for my 40th.  Then I got sick again.

Once I recovered, I joined the gym and felt good about getting back on track. Then work got super crazy, I fell into the comfort eating hole – oh, and I got sick again.

I went back to the gym, started feeling good again and then a photo frame crashed on to my big toe and three weeks later I have just been able to put my sneakers back on! But now it’s almost Christmas and there’s no way I’m going to get back into gym mode this week.

But the worst thing is that now that Christmas is almost here, it means my birthday is almost here – and I forgot to get in shape!! In fact, as I sat down to type this, I noticed that my muffin top was overflowing and I don’t know how it happened!

Weight gain is so sneaky, isn’t it? One minute you think you’re doing OK and the next, your jeans are super tight, you have bra back fat and your muffin top is overflowing!

Oh well, there’s always the 41st!




One thought on “Dammit. I forgot to get in shape!

  1. I’ve just turned 40 (November) and actually it’s completely fine and i have no regrets about not getting in shape although it hasn’t stopped me making the usual impossible new year resolutions for 2013! Happy Birthday!


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