Monthly Archives: February 2013

Somehow I missed the memo

Something weird is going on. It seems that I’ve somehow missed a memo on what’s going on in my life, but that everyone else seems to have a handle on it.

For example, my daughter has just started Grade One and with a new class comes new routines.  So I’ve been checking and checking the school newsletter, the class noticeboard and the classroom windows for info on what day is sport, library, etc etc. There’s been absolutely nothing.

Then all of a sudden this morning we turn up for the school drop off and my daughter’s classmates are all in their sports uniforms.  How did the other Mum’s know? Did every one of them ask the teacher? Was I meant to? And if so, how was I supposed to know to do that?

And how hard is it to put up a bloody notice on the classroom door of what the week’s schedule is? I’ve noticed that every other class has.

It happened again this Saturday. My daughter had a birthday party that, according to the invitation, was from 12.30 to 2pm. So I turned up at 2pm.  And the rest of the other Mums turned up at 2.30pm.

Again, I ask you – how did they know? How can I tap into this seemingly mysterious and out of reach grapevine? Is it because I seem to be the only full time working Mum at my daughter’s school?

I think I’m doomed to be forever playing catch up!