Living in a river in Egypt

I’ve been thinking lately about how much I am living in denial (denial/de Nile/a river in Egypt, get it? Comedy gold!).

I WILL NOT lose weight if I keep sneaking in little bits of chocolate.

I WILL NOT ever be the same weight as I was before kids.

I WILL NOT ever have the same sex drive as I did before kids (sorry, hubby but it’s the truth).

I WILL NOT get rid of those pesky little wrinkles by slathering my face with anti-wrinkle cream.

I WILL NOT bump into Brad Pitt in the street and have him fall madly in lust with me (although, the way he’s looking at the moment, maybe it’s time to move on to a new celebrity affair pass).

I WILL NOT suddenly have double the amount of funds in my bank account just because I’ve checked the balance a few times in the one day.

I WILL NOT be offered a job that will pay me double what I’m currently on but with half the responsibility and work hours.

But I can keep dreaming…..



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