A note to all the people who have annoyed me today

To the woman at the gym:

Once you’ve finished using a piece of gym equipment – get up and go! Don’t sit on it and have a lovely chit chat to your friend on the equipment next to you. And don’t pretend that you can’t see me in the mirror glaring at you!

To the idiot neighbour doing DIY at midnight last night:

It was a very hot night and I’m sure everyone was having trouble sleeping; so why would you think it’s a good idea to start up your saw and do some DIY? It wasn’t.

To the guy scratching his private parts while waiting for the pedestrian lights to change:

Do you honestly think you are invisible?! You’re not.

To the person down the road who has placed a sign on the footpath selling a stereo:

You do not spell stereo as ‘sterio’. Why make us all suffer through your bad spelling?

To the lifestyle magazine I read espousing the genius design of having a vertical garden in the kitchen:

How will these plants grow without being in the sun? And how can you water the pots that are at the top of the wall? And where will the excess water go? Think, people!





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