Monthly Archives: April 2013

Breaking the no-blog drought

Look, there’s no denying that I’ve been bone lazy with the whole blogging caper.

I can’t even bear to look back on how long it’s been since my last blog and I don’t blame my followers for wondering where I’ve been!

But life suddenly got so busy and then each night I’d think that I should write a blog, and then something would come up, or I’d just be too tired to sit at the computer.

Sometimes I wish this blog wasn’t anonymous so I could share photos of my kids and the things we’ve all gotten up to. In fact, I thought about starting a second blog that wasn’t anonymous, but then I felt like I’d be cheating on my followers. ┬áHaving a bit on the side, so to speak!

Plus it can be SO liberating to speak your mind freely!

To start things off again, I wanted to share with you all a little confrontation I had with my now 7-year-old daughter this morning.

Daughter: “Mummy, can I play with the iPod?”

Me: “No, darling, we don’t play with the iPod during the week”

Daughter: “You’re a bad Mum!”

Me: “You’re a bad daughter!”

Daughter: “Well, you’re the worst Mum in the world!”

Me: “Well, you’re the worst daughter in the world!”

Daughter: “Well, you’re the worst Mum a daughter could ever have!”

Me: “Well, you’re the worst daughter a Mum could ever have!”


Mum: 1 Daughter: 0

Pathetic, am I not?

Hee hee.