Breaking up is hard to do

My husband and I want to break up our daughter and her BFF.

They are both 7.

You see, the trouble is that my gorgeous daughter idolises her BFF but we just

She is rude, aloof and has a very strange hold over my daughter – and all of their little friends, actually.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes recently.

We hosted a slumber party for my daughter two weekends ago and her BFF was one of the four guests.  The other three little girls are lovely and sweet. But the BFF aint.

However, whatever the BFF wanted to do, all the other little girls followed. She wanted to draw ponies – they all did.  She wanted to play dress ups – they all did.  The main concern was that we didn’t want her to draw our daughter away from her guests.  Because that’s what she does.  It’s bizarre.  She wants my daughter to herself and once even told her that if she played with other kids, they couldn’t be BFFs anymore!

Did I mention she is only 7?

Because my husband and I were on high alert, we made sure everyone played together and were definitely a lot harder on the BFF than the other girls. Every time she demanded food, we told her to say please.  

When she just helped herself to our fridge, we told her to ask first.  And when she was the only one that didn’t want to watch a movie that everyone else did – and demanded they watch something else – I stepped in and told her that the majority rules.

But when she told us the next morning, after everyone else had been collected by their parents at the time specified on the invitation, that she wasn’t going home until she had finished playing with my daughter I was speechless! And immediately told her to call her Dad to be collected.

And then last weekend it was the BFFs birthday party at a local children’s farm.

She was Princess Hoity Toity all day.  

The kids would chase after her to play with her and be with her. Sometimes she would play with them all, and other times she would run off.  But they would follow.

The clincher was when she announced that it was present time and told everyone to all line up and give her their presents. And they did! 

How does she know how to wield such power? It’s such an amazing gift – when used for good instead of evil! Her parents roll their eyes and say “Oh, she’s such a Queen.”  But that’s what I don’t like about her! 

It all sounds like the plot of the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ doesn’t it? We’ll have to wait until my daughter either finds another BFF, or her BFF does something that makes my daughter realise that her beloved BFF does not reciprocate her adoration.

So how do you break up a seven-year-old’s BFF obsession?

Advice is welcome!



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