I’m on my way to becoming a supermodel!

I went to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting today. I wasn’t feeling confident as this past weekend was Greek Easter. And if you know any Greeks, you will know that Greek Easter is a massive celebration and a reason to eat, eat, eat. Actually, in my family any occasion is an excuse to eat, eat, eat.

I put on 200 grams.  Not much,

Just like looking into a mirror!
Just like looking into a mirror!

I know.  But I put on 200 grams last week after my daughter’s slumber party. It’s a slippery slope, but I’m not riding it.

So after jumping off the scales and seeing I’d gained weight, I went to the supermarket to buy fruit, bread and healthy snacks.

And I bought some goji berries.  Heard of them? Supermodel Miranda Kerr eats them. I think they are classified as a ‘super food’.

So it naturally makes sense that if I eat these goji berries, then I will look like Miranda Kerr. Right?


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