High expectations

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I was looking forward to a day resembling a Huggies commercial:



But, as with most days when expectations are super high, it didn’t quite live up.  

The day started off nicely with lots of cuddles and handmade cards by my gorgeous kids (5 and 7). And I even got to sleep in for half an hour!

We trundled off to my parents’ house for a yummy breakfast and then got back home. Then we caught up with my inlaws and half of my husband’s 8 siblings.

Still travelling well. Still looking like the image above and everything was coming up roses.

Then we decided to go out to dinner.

Big mistake.

My 7-year-old daughter was terrific, but the day had been too much for my 5-year-old. We made the mistake of ordering pizza for him, to discover he HATES pizza with cheese and pineapple. And boy, he let us and the whole restaurant know about it with a head turning tantrum.



And when I say head turning, I literally mean that people were turning around to see who the loud, naughty little boy was.  What a surreal experience to be stuck in a corner table next to an outraged 5-year-old and to see people turn around – almost in slow motion – and to feel the judgement crash down on top of me!

It felt like someone had taken razor blade to my nerve endings and then pulled out my power socket, so I had absolutely no energy left and my nerves were frayed.

We quickly scampered out, ignoring my son’s teary requests for rainbow ice-cream and with a manic smile plastered on my face.

Once we got home, the tantrum continued until he collapsed into bed.

But, oh how beautiful and sweet he looked when he was asleep. I crawled in next to him, gave him a big hug and kiss, and like most Mums, blocked out the bad bits of the day and remembered the good stuff.

Hope you all had a happy Mother’s Day!




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