The world is a scarier place today

Like many of you, I am sure you are shocked and horrified about what happened in Woolwich, UK today.  That something that barbaric could happen in broad daylight and in a suburban area sends chills down my spine.

But what also shocked me was watching the footage of one of the killers talking to a bystander and asking them to record his message.

The fact that he is not trying to hide his appearance or the fact that he has bloodied hands and is still holding on of the murder weapons is bizarre enough, but what astounds me is the woman you see calmly walking up behind him with what looks like a shopping trolley.  She doesn’t hesitate.  She walks right past him!

Did she know what had just happened? Didn’t she wonder why everyone else was standing back?  Didn’t she see the body of the man they had just hacked to death lying on the road?

Or did she see and understand all these things, but was just so desensitised that she wasn’t bothered?

I am still trying to process what happened and I thank God my kids are too little to watch the news or be aware of what happened. I want them to be sheltered from this kind of evil for as long as possible.

But what about that soldier’s family and friends? At this stage we know nothing about him.  Was he married? Did he have kids? Have they seen the footage?

I’m going to go check on my kids now and just watch them sleep for a bit.  Maybe I’ll even sneak in a quick kiss and cuddle. It’s my way of reminding myself that there is still some beauty and innocence in this world.




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