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What Is A Woman Worth

I was crying out ‘hear, hear’ when I read this. I really couldn’t have said it better myself – and I hate that! Hee Hee.

What Party?


Today is significant for Victoria’s women and legal system, as the man who raped and murdered Jill Meagher has been sentenced. I am not qualified in any way to speak of the particular’s of the case, and I won’t be discussing court procedures, suppression of information, prosecution or any thing else that I don’t know enough about.

But…I do have an opinion on why this happened to this lovely woman, beyond being incredibly unlucky, and why this happens to women everyday around the world.

It’s all about gender equality. It will be about gender equality until it’s not anymore.  And then it will still be about gender equality.

When Adrian Bayley was charged with rape of five women (sex workers, which were/are given even less respect than a non sex worker female ), in 2001, he was sentenced to eleven years, and served eight with parole. He was on parole…

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What’s going on in Oz?!

Something odd has been happening in my country lately (Australia).

You see, we have a female Prime Minister – our first – and we are having a Federal election in September.  So things are understandably getting nasty as one side faces off against the other to win votes.

Our PM is Julia Gillard and she’s not super popular at the moment.  But despite that, we seem to have forgotten about how to treat a woman in power.

We’ve gone all blokey and sexist and it’s frankly, embarrassing!

One of the most bizarre examples recently was a restaurant owner mocking her in a menu at a fundraiser where they referred to her as having small breasts, large thighs and big red box (she has red hair). She has also had vegemite sandwiches thrown at her by students.  How quaint – NOT!

And even before she became Prime Minister, a dotty old blustering politician in the opposite party, stated that she was not qualified to lead the country because she is deliberately “barren”. Shock horror! She has no children! How can she possibly be a good leader, right? Oh dear.

And then just a few days ago, our PM was interviewed on a Brisbane radio station and asked if her partner – she’s got no kids and is not even married, peoples! – was  gay because he was a hairdresser.

How did we suddenly get all jelly kneed and clueless about how to respect a woman in power?

What are these men afraid of?

Because, you see, while there are many women out there in the social media galaxy that are not backwards in coming forwards about what they think of our PM, these are men in public arenas who really should be showing respect to the office of the Prime Minister (despite what they think of the person who holds that office).

I mean, what would be the outcry in the United States if Barack Obama was asked if his wife was gay because she’s got muscly arms?

So let this blog be my official apology to all of my international followers.  I’m sorry if it seems that Australia has gone way off track. Hopefully we will once again be the fabulous, modern and dynamic country we normally are! Stick with us!

Libido shmibido

Bettina Arndt is a famous sex therapist in Australia and she recently posted a blog about low sexual libido for women.

I'd rather eat chocolate...
I’d rather eat chocolate…

After reading it, I felt that she wasn’t very understanding about the many reasons why married mothers lose their sex drive, and as one of those women, I thought I might enlighten her on a few scenarios that guarantee there is not going to be anything hot and heavy happening in my house:

  • It’s hard to feel like ‘scream down the house’, ‘Basic Instinct was nothing on this’ sex when you’ve just watched your husband try to pop a pimple on his back before getting into bed.
  • Sex isn’t top of the list of things to do when your seven-year-old has gastro and you’ve just cleaned up the mess.
  • Don’t bother rolling over and stroking my back and bottom when I’ve just got my period and it feels like someone is swinging on my ovaries while punching me in the stomach and spine.
  • Make up sex doesn’t work anymore. I’m too bitter and twisted to forgive and make love. I’m gonna hold on to the resentment until I become distracted by something else.
  • Sex is a no-go when I’ve been up three times through the night for the kids (while my husband blissfully sleeps on), woken up at 5.30am to get to the gym, had a full, stressful day at work and then had to make dinner and put the kids to bed.  There is no fuel left in the tank. Leave me alone!
  • I’m having a fat day, I have a pimple on my bum and my legs are hairy. It ain’t gonna happen tonight.


If you give me a kiss and hug when I get home from work, help out with the kids, sit next to me on the couch and put your arms around me, go to the toilet with the door closed and give me a nice cuddle in bed..then we may be on to something!