Apologies to the Phillip Island locals

No, it wasn’t a mad flock of seagulls you heard on the Cowes beach. It was me yelling like a banshee at my kids.

We were on your beautiful island for an overnight break and we were loving it! But it was very cold you see, and my kids just wanted to play on the beach, and I was worried they would get their shoes wet and catch a cold.

So I lovingly asked them to make sure they stayed away from the water. You probably didn’t hear those words delivered in a measured, loving tone – the first four times. But I bet you heard the fifth warning!

And I bet you heard me ‘lovingly’ asking them to smile for the camera so I could capture some heartwarming family snaps that I could share on this blog and Instagram. You know the ones, where it captures the love and happiness of the moment.

Apologies for subjecting you all to hearing me  growl through gritted teeth: “Just smile for the camera! You’re on holidays! You’re having a great time!”

Fine! Don't smile for the camera!
Fine! Don’t smile for the camera!

And I’m sorry if my loving exclamations of  ‘I told you so!’ when my son inched closer and closer to the water and that big wave came up and drenched him from the knees down,  made you wince.

And I bet you all collectively breathed a sigh of relief when I  realised that I was fighting a losing battle and actually let my kids have fun. We all benefited from that brainwave!

The sun sets on a great mini break
The sun sets on a great mini break

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