What I learned as a teenager

I read an article today stating that the more time teenage girls spend on social media the more likely they are to have low self esteem.

It made me feel so sad and worry about what my little girl, who is just seven, will be facing when she becomes a teenager.

Good times. Those rolled up jeans, that pink frosted lipstick, those posters, that wallpaper!
Those rolled up jeans, that pink frosted lipstick, those posters, that wallpaper!

So I thought I’d list a few nuggets of advice for her on how to survive ‘teenagerdom’, gleaned from my own time as a terrible teen:

Don’t be frightened by needing your first bra

Even if it does happen in grade six and you are one of the first girls on your class to wear one, just be proud and confident.

And your Mum promises that she won’t take you to Myer and have you professionally fitted because that IS a traumatic experience! She will spare you this mortifying indignity – if only your Nana did the same.

Don’t let the ‘Barbies’ at your school intimidate you

You will soon learn that most of their stories about their exploits with boys are either made up, or embellished. They are just as clueless as you are – but are better at hiding it.

Don’t compare your body to your friends

It’s going to be hard, because you will have an idea in your head on what a good looking body is (unfortunately heavily influenced by PhotoShopped images in magazines) and you will see some friends that have got it.

You will wish with all your heart that you were taller and thinner.  But when you look back at photos of yourself at school, you will see what a happy, beautiful person you were and that you had absolutely nothing to worry about.

And when you are 40, you will wish that you still had that figure!

Boys are not all that

Unlike your Mum, you won’t finish your schooling years never knowing what it’s like to have a boy in your class.

And hopefully you won’t see them as exotic creatures and race to your school gates to watch one walk by.

Just understand they are not the be all and end all for you and if you just stay true to yourself and refuse to dress or act differently around them, you will be totally fine.

Don’t let your friends give you a makeover

Especially before a party because there will be a boy there who they think likes you (and who you’ve never given a second thought until that very moment).

You will spend the whole party feeling terribly self conscious and he will end up snogging one of the ‘friends’ who tried to ‘help’ you.

And when you catch up with some of those boys years later, they will probably admit that they had a crush on you, but you were totally oblivious to it because you didn’t feel pretty enough for a boy to be interested in you!

At least I’ve got a few more years before I even need to worry about any of this, much less having to tackle the ‘sex’ talk.  Shudder.


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