My life as a superhero

Have a good day at school, darling. Now I’m off to work!

I’m a superhero. 

I have an alter ego called Employee

I become her when I put on my ‘work’ clothes and apply my full face of make up. 

Employee can do amazing things. She can fly from one meeting to the next; she can write articles for the staff newsletter faster than a speeding bullet; and she can jump over competing deadlines in a single bound.

She can get children dressed and ready in the morning, while at the same time putting on three loads of washing and packing school lunches.

But when she takes the costume off at the end off the day, she becomes Mum.

Mum can do amazing things too! 

She cooks dinner  – sometimes three different meals at a time depending on levels of fussiness; she gets two squirmy, tired children ready for bed; and then reads up to three different stories with expression and perfect enunciation.

Of course she has tremendous help from her trusty sidekick – Dad.

Between the two of them they fight the daily battles of being working parents with two young kids.

Sometimes I have to change between Employee and Mum in record time.

This normally happens when Employee receives a call from school or day care to say a child has hurt themselves or come down with a high temperature and must be picked up immediately.

Or when a child receives an award at a school assembly and Employee must become (gushingly proud) Mum for about 15 minutes before she races off – picture Clark Kent rushing off at light speed while changing into Superman – back to work.

OK. I know that sounds a bit silly and simplistic (I hope it made you smile, though!) but sometimes it really does feel as though I switch into a different person once the kids have been dropped off and I go to work. 

And then the same thing happens when I log off the computer at the end of the day and I click into ‘Mummy mode’ and start thinking about what to cook for dinner. 

Sometimes my two superhero worlds collide. 

I recall a day when I was working from home as a freelancer and was on the phone to a client discussing an important strategy. 

I was holding the phone with one hand and gripping the door handle with another to stop my little boy from opening it.  He was howling on the other side of the door and yelling out for me while I was trying to keep the hysteria out of my voice. Madness!

Do you ever feel like you are two people in the one body? Do your two ‘worlds’ ever collide? 


2 thoughts on “My life as a superhero

    1. Yes, poor old Clark getting pulled in all directions, having to save the world AND meet The Daily Planet’s deadlines.No capes in my household, either. But I do have the super power of a Mum’s withering glare that makes laser beams shoot out of my eyes!


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