Florence for a day

As of today,  you can call me Flo (aka Florence Nightingale), because I dispensed love and soothing balms all day!

My little girl was home sick from school and I was in full blown Mummy mode.

I placed cool face washers on her hot head,measured out exact doses of Nurofen; stroked her hair while she lay on the couch, made a healthy lunch and offered various treats (Florence may not have approved of that part, actually) and tucked her in when she needed a nap.

And while she slept, I baked! Holy cow!

I baked strawberry jam drops and banana bread!

I did the washing, hung it out to dry and then – gasp – put it away! I even tidied up my little boy’s bookshelf and got some housework done!

Oh, and I even got to flick through some of my favourite magazines – without interruptions!

Yes, it all sounds very mundane and dull, but to me, as a full time working mum, it was bliss!

There were no emails to respond to; no deadlines to frantically meet; no phone calls to answer; or any reports to proofread!

No-one was inviting me to meetings, or asking me to design a brochure or poster; and not once did I need to check against my ever expanding to-do list!

See what I mean? Bliss!

Today’s work tools – not a computer in sight!

The house is now organised, I’m not stressed out and I got to just chill out with my little girl.

She is feeling better and we are sending her off to school tomorrow – whether she is truly 100% or not – as my husband and I cannot take any more time off.

And that is why I really treasure these little moments of feeling like a stay-at-home Mum, as they are so few and far between.


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