Baby, how you’ve changed!

What is your idea of bliss? 

Mine is very simple. Time to myself!

I’m enjoying a moment of bliss right now!  

My husband is in the lounge room watching the footy; the kids are in bed; and I am tucked up warm and cozy in bed, watching TV and tapping away on my laptop.  It’s the rock and roll lifestyle I’ve always aspired to! Ha Ha.

And it’s not like I hate spending time with my family.  Far from it.

This is where I am in my mind

But I rarely get any down time these days and it’s been a rough week. Actually it’s been a rough couple of weeks. We’ve had sick kids, yukky weather, heavy workloads, and just general blahness (is that a word?!)

So a chance to just ‘be’ is exactly what the doctor ordered.

My 20-something-year-old self would roll her eyes at me enjoying something so boring and domestic! 

Which makes me think of how different my life is now compared to when I was younger.

I am sure my kids would never be able to grasp the concept that their Mum had a life before they came along. I know I couldn’t when I was a kid!

Sometimes I forget how it used to be. And then I’ll go in to the city, or to one of my former haunts, and it all comes rushing back and I feel like yelling out:

“Hey, I  used to hang out here!”

“I used to go to an obscure little bar there!”

“I used to watch my favourite band there!” 

“I remember going to a wild party there!” 

It’s funny how sometimes it feels like only yesterday that I was traipsing about the inner city with my friends.  And then at other times it really feels like all that happened to someone else! 

How did I go out and dance and drink until 4am and then go to work at 9am? These days I can’t even have two glasses of wine before wanting to curl up and go to sleep!

How did I manage to flirt up a storm and throw myself into new romances so often? These days I struggle to have enough energy to sustain a conversation with my husband at the end of the day!

One day I will regale my kids with stories of my fun-filled youth (and I know they will have zero interest in them) but for now I will enjoy these little moments of peace and quiet – until the inevitable “M-u-u-u-m-m-!”





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