Sorry, no time to chat

I’ve had a crazy (but very typical) Sunday.

It went a bit like this:

6.15am: Five-year-old son wakes me up to make him breakfast. I tell him I’ll be two minutes.

Hello, I'm your wife! Hello there. I thought you looked familiar!
Hello, I’m your wife! Hello there. I thought you looked familiar!

6.16am: Say good morning to husband.

6.17am: Fall asleep again.

7am-ish: Five-year-old son wakes me up to make him breakfast. I actually get up and make his breakfast (adding extra Weet Bix so he doesn’t ask for seconds) and also make my seven-year-old daughter’s breakfast.

7:05am: Tell kids Mummy needs a nap and go back to bed.

7.25am: Husband wakes up and gets morning papers.

7.30am: I wake up – again! – have shower and meet up with rest of family. Say good morning to everyone again.

7.31am: Eat a low calorie breakfast and read papers.

8am: Get kids dressed for the day.

8.15am: Work out week’s worth of low calorie meals and write shopping list. I think I’ve had a short conversation with my husband…

8.45am: Play with kids.

9.41am: Leave for the gym to do Body Step class.

11.20am: Arrive home.

12 noon: Husband leaves to do shopping. I play with kids.

2pm: I take son to fly kite. We were all going to go out and do something together as a family, but my daughter twisted her ankle running and had to stay home. Husband stays home with her.

2.45am: Come home.

2.47am: Husband goes  for a swim.

4.30pm: We are all finally at home together! Yay!

It is now 9.50pm and here I am, while my husband has gone to bed. Maybe I need to schedule a meeting so we can actually talk to each other! Instead of conversations, we just seem to say “Hi” and “Bye”.

We’ll probably stay together forever at this rate! No time to chat means no time to disagree.

I think I’ve just stumbled across the secret of a happy marriage!


6 thoughts on “Sorry, no time to chat

  1. One supervisor I had worked second (3pm-11pm), his wife worked first. He swore it was the major reason they stayed together so long. You might be on to something there.


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