Battling Halloween

anti-halloweenI always had that forboding feeling that once my kids went to school, I would lose my tightly held control over their lives and they would be at the mercy of external influences – and kids that taught them to swear.

And I was right!

My 7-year-old is as sharp as a whip and has an amazing grasp of the English language. And by grasp, I mean that she is starting to gather an arsenal of swear words. Mostly thanks to her BFF at school!

And now the latest external influence that I am battling against is not just from school friends, but from the media and marketers. It’s Halloween.

I was always so dead set against celebrating Halloween. I was happy to leave that to people in the States. It is their gig and they do it brilliantly. It’s not an Aussie thing at all. Until recently.

Now there are giant pumpkins in Coles supermarkets; Halloween costumes and novelty gifts everywhere; and my 5-year-old’s day care has Halloween dress up days.

Last year we actually had trick-or-treaters!

It was only a pathetically small trickle of people that came to our door, including a young couple and their toddler who drove to my street from their rough neighbourhood because they wanted to trick-or-treat in nicer surroundings!

It seems that everyone is trying so hard to make Halloween a big thing. And it’s getting more and more difficult to shut the door on the whole event – especially when your kids have friends with parents who throw themselves into decorating the house and dressing up for Halloween.

I feel I’m fighting a losing battle!

Is anyone else trying to hold out against succumbing to the pressure of celebrating Halloween? We need to stick together!


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