Dear Target

Dear Target

Why are you trying to turn my little girl into a fashionista?

"Oh Mum, this look is SO 2012..."
“Oh Mum, this look is SO 2012…”

All her life she has been wearing your clothing and her ‘look’ has been quite consistent: leggings, t-shirts, long sleeve tops, plain dresses, and windcheaters.

She always looked good, and sometimes a bit quirky once she started choosing her own outfits.

She has pretty much been a Target kid since day dot (with a healthy dose of Cotton On Kids and Pumpkin Patch thrown in for good measure).

She was a childcare kid, which meant her clothes were simple and robust. Now she’s a Grade Oner* and wears a uniform to school, so her clothes are still pretty normal and low key.

But now she has grown out of your children’s range and is reliant on your size 7+ clothes. And that’s where the problem lies.

Your big kid clothes are too fashionable!

It would be fine if I wanted a fashionable mini me, but she is only seven and doesn’t care about wearing the latest looks (thank goodness!).

We went in to your store today to have a look around and she turned up her nose at everything you had there (apart from the butterfly t-shirt).

She doesn’t want to wear faded jeans with holes already in them. She couldn’t understand why you were selling “broken jeans”.

She doesn’t want to wear t-shirts with loud graphic prints. Or ones with silly slogans.

She doesn’t want to wear harem pants  and off the shoulder tops.

She just wants clothes that are comfy to play in.

So for now, you’ve lost us.

It’s going to be hard, but we have to move on.

Don’t miss us too much!

*a made up word.


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