Questions for a celebrity Yummy Mummy

Who's up for making mud pies in the backyard?

Dear celebrity Yummy Mummy

You must be exhausted; what with all the preening and prepping you need to do before you step out the door.

I was thinking of you this morning, as I laid out my outfit for the day on the bed:

  • Bonds black tracksuit pants
  • flesh coloured bra
  • pink t-shirt
  • Bonds grey windcheater

I was wondering if you ever wear the same outfit as me and delight in its simplicity and comfort. Or would you shudder at the thought of stepping out the door in it?

What would you wear for a lazy Sunday spent being active with the kids? Some designer skinny cargo pants perhaps? Or designer gym gear that costs more than a yearly membership? I truly do wonder.

I just threw this outfit together in a second – really!

And as I quickly blow dried my hair and placed some concealer over the dark shadows under my eyes, I wondered what your daily beauty routine is. Do you scrutinise your face each morning – even on weekends? How do you always look so fabulous? Do you have an in-house beautician? Do you ever just think “F__k it, I’m going bare faced today!”?

How do you move in some of the outfits you wear?  I see photos of you dropping your kids off at school dressed in tight jeans, black knee high boots and a lovely coat.

Do you quickly change out of these clothes when you get home and it’s time to catch up on some housework? Or do you wear those jeans and tops to do the washing and hang out the clothes? Are the jeans hard to bend in when you are picking up toys off the floor?

And do your beautiful shoes/boots get covered in mud when you walk out to the clothesline in your backyard on a wet, soggy day?

Do you stay in these outfits to play with your kids? How do you sit cross legged on the floor in skinny jeans and boots?

How long does it take to do your hair? Do you ever wash it and leave it wet to dry naturally? Do you ever jab in a hair clip to keep it out of your face while you make the kids breakfast in your dressing gown? I do.

Do you have a fluffy, daggy dressing gown that you like to wear over your comfy pyjamas? One that you bought at Coles for $10? And do you wear it with slippers while you are sitting on the couch watching TV after a busy day at work?

So many questions! Feel free to call me for a coffee catch up and we can chat some more.

But give me plenty of notice, so I can squeeze in a trip to the hairdressers, beauty salon and stylist!


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