Be careful what you wish for

I read the funniest quote the other day from Kim Kardashian about her daughter, North, and her fashion sense: “North likes sweet things that are not too frilly”.

North is four months old! She could be dressed up in cabbage leaves and wouldn’t make a fuss. So how could she possibly have an opinion on fashion?!

Don’t you miss the days when the kids couldn’t talk and for a short time there, your way was the only way? They didn’t talk back or question things; and were just little sponges that soaked everything up.

You could dress them up in sweet outfits, and they wouldn’t scowl or grizzle. In fact, they wouldn’t whinge or grizzle at all!

They couldn’t complain about the music you listened to, or how bad your singing voice was. And they couldn’t tell you if you were embarrassing them in front of their friends!

ImageThey wouldn’t ask why Miley Cyrus is always sticking out her tongue. Or how babies are made.

And you had no idea whether you had mucked up as a parent, because they weren’t able to repeat back any of the things you’ve said to them when you were a bit tired and emotional.

Like telling their toys to “for goodness sake, pick your clothes up off the floor! ” or yelling at their teddy to “got to your room and don’t come out until I say so!”. Yikes.

When they are little, all I wished was for them to talk so I could know what was going on in their sweet little heads. And now that they are talking, there are times I wish they could just sit still and stay quiet! Ah, those were the days!


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