High tea with my gals

Tea CupsI had a fantastic afternoon yesterday. It was my annual high tea gathering with my wonderful girlfriends (minus three) and it was an afternoon full of mutual admiration, gossip, laughs and love.

These women are amazing. Truly.

Some are Mums; some are not; some work full time; some work part time; some are self employed; others are working for nightmare bosses; some are returning to work after being stay-at-home Mums; and even one is looking after a brand new baby!

Some are school friends and some are friends of friends. Some are married; some are single and some are raising kids with partners.

What a fabulous mixed bag!

high tea ladiesI love the company of women and I feel a bit sorry for any fellas that don’t enjoy the same kind of support and camaraderie that we enjoy. There is nothing better than talking about your true feelings and sharing your setbacks, successes, and failures with your closest girlfriends.

My goodness, if I didn’t have a group of friends to laugh about all those times I failed dismally at being the perfect mum, I think I would go insane!

Motherhood is only do-able if you can laugh at yourself and your children with others who truly understand and will not judge – am I right?

So I want to send out a huge hug and thank you to my girlfriends who have known me as the class clown; then as a young woman in my first relationship (oh, the angst!); as a backpacker exploring the world; to venturing into the workforce (and helping me spend my first pay cheque on Clinique make up!); to meeting my future husband and getting married (I am forever thankful to my bridesmaids who fanned me after I had to stop the ceremony because I was about to pass out!); and then becoming a Mum.

You are my strength. And every time we meet up I feel energised and so thankful for our friendship.

I love youse all!


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