A FODMAP Christmas greeting

I am struggling with my FODMAP diet.

ibsFODMAPS are in lots of food we all eat and it is an acronym for: Fermentable 
Oligosaccharides (eg. Fructans and Galactans) 
Disaccharides (eg. Lactose) Monosaccharides (eg. excess Fructose)
Polyols (eg. Sorbitol, Mannitol, Maltitol, Xylitol and Isomalt) 

Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Because my stomach can’t absorb these FODMAPS, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – one of the least sexy syndromes you can find!

Trying to avoid all the lovely symptoms of IBS means I can’t eat lots of my favourite foods and some of you who may have been reading my blog for a while are aware of how frustrating I find this.

No garlic. No onion. No wheat. No dried fruits. No juice. No watermelon. No grapes. No mushrooms. No ice cream. No fun!

I see this condition as a punishment for the excesses of my youth when as a daughter of a Greek migrant, I ate bread with every meal, not to mention lots and lots of garlic and onion!

Heck, my first job was in bakery, where I could scoff bread to my heart’s content – and I did!

So, karma has bitten me on the bum (and the upper intestine).

And it’s so much tougher during Christmas!

I am surrounded by shortbread, brownies, and of course lots of Lindt chocolate. The chocolate is OK; it’s the filling that throws me. And all that lovely wheat in those home baked goodies – good Lord!

If I were a good FODMAPite I would steer clear of all the foods that I know will send my stomach into a tailspin.

But I must be a slight masochist, because I cannot resist nibbling and tasting these foods because my taste buds remember how delicious they are!

Why cant there be a drug for people like me with food allergies, so our taste buds forget how much we love these foods? A second’s taste for days of pain would no longer be the internal battle I fight with myself on an almost daily basis.

So to all the other FODMAPites out there – I feel your (bloated) pain!

I hope you enjoy a gluten free, wheat free, FODMAP free Christmas and an IBS-free New Year!


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