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Pack the essentials – and then some!

Thank God that’s over.

ImageIn Melbourne we have just come out of a week long heatwave with temperatures way into the 40s. I refused to do anything that required an extra ounce of energy – so my week basically wound down to: wake up, get kids ready for Vacation Care, go to work, eat dinner, watch TV, sleep.

But among the sloth-like behaviour, we did get a bit of a shake up with a bushfire that was in the neighbourhood next to us.

We followed the fire updates and decided to pack up and leave, just to be safe. We didn’t have a proper fire plan in place (very naughty of us), so while I was at work, my husband got the kids ready and asked them to pack a bag of their favourite things.

My 7 y/o daughter’s bag:

  • two teddies
  • her moneybox
  • gifts that her fairy had given her (three years worth of me sneaking into her room and placing little items under her pillow)
  • a party dress.

My 5 y/o son’s bag:

  • his moneybox
  • 10 pairs of undies (!)
  • some Lego
  • his favourite soft toy puppy.

When I got home from work, I quickly grabbed my good jewellery and my journal, while my husband had grabbed photo albums and family DVDs.

Now, all that sounds very sensible and practical (and sentimental). But I also discovered a very materialistic side of myself during this packing process.

I had to stop myself grabbing a few ‘vital’ items because I would have been moritified if anyone at a relief centre saw my bag and noticed what I had brought with me!

So here is my not-so-vital list of things I would take with me if I knew I wasn’t going to be judged:

  • my collection of (mainly) Elk necklaces (they really are SO pretty and can lift any outfit)  
    Please don’t judge – but I really, really love my necklaces!
  • my Bobbi Brown make up (finding the perfect shade of lipstick, eyeshadow and blush can be very tricky)
  • my knee high boots (all those girls with cankles out there will understand how boots that you can actually zip up over your calves  are worth their weight in gold)
  • my collection of real living magazines (I’ll need some inspiration if I need to redecorate a new house, won’t I?)
  • my Harry Potter DVD box set (’nuff said).

What would your not-so-vital list include?

P.S The bushfire was downgraded and we remain safe and sound.


Finding myself

I losImaget myself over Christmas.

I left suddenly on about December 24 and didn’t even leave a note about why or where I was going, or when I was coming back.

During that time there were frequent sightings of me at the fridge eating leftovers and lots of chocolates. And a few times I was seen sitting on the couch eating more chocolate and watching television.

But it wasn’t the me that was me before Christmas. There were glimpses, but that me had gone. Instead I have been replaced by the me from December 2012 who was so shocked by a photo taken at a Christmas gathering that I vowed to get into shape, get fit and lose weight in 2013.

And the me from January 2013 to 24 December 2013 was doing well. That me was going to the gym, feeling good about how her body was toning up and was looking forward to summer.

I miss that me.

The good news is that I have received sightings of me at the gym this week and doing exercises DVDs at home. So maybe I just might find myself again, after all.

I wish I’d hurry back, though!

Two days in

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Ticking along nicely?

Or are you one of those fabulously well balanced people who believe that they are a waste of time and that you don’t need to wait until 1 January to set goals and meet them – you do it every day and end the year feeling brilliant about yourself?

(Apologies for the bitterness that came through in that last sentence. It’s not you, it’s me. I am just jealous.)

For me, the start of a new year is like a blank page in my journal; full of promise and hope and waiting for me to make my mark. Or to smudge my mark; erase it; write over it; scribble it out and start again.

Which is why I am a big fan of resolutions, as they allow me to set new visions and forget about the stuff I didn’t achieve the previous year.

But this year I am struggling to come up with some.

fail-stampFor the last two days, I’ve had a few whizz through my mind, but have already failed them, so need to keep trying to find ones I can keep.

My failed resolutions so far…

To not be a Mum who lets herself get too tired and yells at her kids

Sorry, kids. Mummy is going to struggle with this one forever.

To follow my FODMAPS diet and not put myself through the torture of a sore, bloated tummy

Damn those Lindt balls, chocolate balls and shortbread I received for Christmas!

To make more ‘me time’

Despite hating this term with a passion, it is something I really struggle with due to full time working Mum guilt. I still haven’t taken myself out to the gym or gone for a walk, because I am loving just hanging out with the kids so much.

To keep up the exercise routine I was enjoying last year

See above and add ‘plus, I can’t be bothered’.

To do more yoga

Again, see above.

So, to be kinder to myself, I have come to this theory. That I don’t need to start my resolutions until I go back to work on 6 January, because that’s when the year REALLY starts.

Happy (two days in) New Year, everyone!