Finding myself

I losImaget myself over Christmas.

I left suddenly on about December 24 and didn’t even leave a note about why or where I was going, or when I was coming back.

During that time there were frequent sightings of me at the fridge eating leftovers and lots of chocolates. And a few times I was seen sitting on the couch eating more chocolate and watching television.

But it wasn’t the me that was me before Christmas. There were glimpses, but that me had gone. Instead I have been replaced by the me from December 2012 who was so shocked by a photo taken at a Christmas gathering that I vowed to get into shape, get fit and lose weight in 2013.

And the me from January 2013 to 24 December 2013 was doing well. That me was going to the gym, feeling good about how her body was toning up and was looking forward to summer.

I miss that me.

The good news is that I have received sightings of me at the gym this week and doing exercises DVDs at home. So maybe I just might find myself again, after all.

I wish I’d hurry back, though!


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