Family Violence is out of control

Thank you Kate Forster for expressing my grief, frustration and despair about domestic violence.

What Party?


If one man a week died from a there would be an outcry. Why are women killed by not given the same attention?

I posted this question on Twitter last night and chaos ensued. Countless retweets, messages from men and women agreeing with the question. women sharing their own stories of domestic violence. A few trolls but not many. Most people feeling the same way. Enough is enough.

I wondered why Tony Abbott isn’t saying anything about this growing issue, he certainly was vocal about the Coward Punch issue.

We have a male Prime Minister in Australia. He needs to be a role model. He needs to say that men who murder their partners and or children are cowards. That there are other ways to dissolve anger at marital strife or separation, and that death and violence isn’t one of them.

I have been passionate…

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