If Kids’ Stories Were Internet Headlines…

A great twist on some of our favourite fairytales!

The Byronic Man

The itsy-bitsy spider went up a water-spout – and then things got crazy.

This little girl found 3 bowls of porridge. What she did next made me cry.

Don't forget to "like" Carl! Don’t forget to “like” Carl!

This dog, Carl, is freaking AWESOME.

This guy grew a beanstalk up to the clouds using this one crazy trick!

18 things wicked women do that drive step-daughters INSANE.

The moon, and 17 other things children of the 90’s will remember saying goodnight to.

Jack & Jill went up a hill just to get some water. What happened next will blow. your. mind.

11 unbelievable things you probably didn’t know the bus does as it goes all through the town. (#7 is my favorite)

If you’re happy and you know it, will your face surely show it?  Click here to learn the amazing secret that doctors don’t want you to know about!

#8 - people don't usually cackle and rub their hands together as you eat if the apple ISN'T poisoned. #8 – people don’t usually…

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