Monthly Archives: July 2014

A non-blogger returns – albeit briefly

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and really, I shouldn’t even be doing it now. I should be asleep. The reason I have been a non-blogger is that I am now in Week 7 of my Diploma in Digital Marketing – an offline course I am doing while working full time, looking after the kids and neglecting my husband. Yes, he is being neglected. We are being neglected. My blog followers are being neglected. It’s been a vicious cycle of neglect, my friends. My husband’s in bed now. I should be in bed now too. But I’m not.

Just give me a second to recharge and I will return to my life

I’ve been studying and kind of enjoying the peace and quiet, to be honest. Does that make me a bad wife? Probably. Am I learning all about how valuable regular blogging is? Yes. Have I been doing it? Hell, no! Am I asking too many questions because I am a bit delirious from lack of sleep? Yes. Goodnight!