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Long post aka long rant

She’s a fiery one, that Kate Forster. And that’s why I love her!

What Party?

I have blogged since 2006-7. That’s a lifetime ago now. I had a daggy little blogspot site and off I went, writing to no one. My first blog was about trying to incorporate spiritual practises into my business. My rule was be open to everything and be honest. I then wrote and self published a book about the experience.

Did the spirituality help my business? No.

What the book did was  help me realise I loved to write. Then I went through a shithouse time with the business, and no matter how many crystals I sewed into my bra, things were still tough, so I dropped my marbles and crystals and had a good old-fashioned nervous breakdown.

Unlike some who wear their maladies like a badge of honour, I was ashamed of my illness. I didn’t want people to know that I couldn’t eat or even cry, so I hid myself in…

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