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Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was an only child called Angie, who lived in a funky house (i.e small) in the inner city with her parents, her dogs and her cat.

Her Greek grandparents lived next door and there was a gate that joined both properties.

She lived a lovely, carefree life and went to an all girls school from Prep to Year 12.

She had her first kiss at 13 and her first serious-ish boyfriend at 16.

She went to university and studied Banking and Finance.

She had another more serious-ish boyfriend throughout university.

She had her first car at 18 and after university, she travelled the world at 21.

She celebrated her 22nd birthday in Edinburgh.

She came home with a broken rib from whooping cough and $90 to her name.

She worked in a bank and then went back to university to study public relations.

She then started her second career in PR and communications at 27 years of age.

She met her now husband when she was 29 – a few weeks after she booked her tickets to go back to Europe indefinitely.

She fell in her love but still left to board a plane to London.

Eight months later, she returned to her love and they picked up where they left off.

She moved in to a city apartment with her boyfriend and life was good.

On Feb 28, approximately 12 years ago, she proposed to her now husband while they were making the bed.

They married in 2005 and had their first baby in 2006 (a girl).

Her husband stayed home for a year to look after their daughter while she went back to work full time.

Then in 2008 they had their second baby (a boy).

Both soon went back to work and the kids flourished in childcare (Angie did struggle a bit and there were a few tears in the childcare car park).

They bought their first house about 6 years ago, so are apparently adults.

They took their children to Greece when they were aged 3 and 5, and the 20 hour flight with a toddler still in nappies and prone to flatulence still haunts her.

She still works full time and is always tired.

She loves her family with a fierceness that would rival a lioness.fairytale

She decided to start a blog in 2012 anonymously t first, and then she came out to the world and has never looked back.

She used to write her blog religiously every Sunday, but then life got in the way and she’s blogging less and less (this makes her sad).

She hopes to blog again more and more soon.