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Remembering not to forget

Post it notesLike most working Mums – or hell, like most parents – I live and die by my lists.

Shopping lists; who-to-call lists; work in progress lists; school camp packing lists…the lists go on!

But I only realised how much I need to remember not to forget at my recent bikini wax.

My lovely waxing consultant, Gabby, was doing her usual trick of being able to keep up a running banter while ripping out my hair from the root with hot wax. Then she made a slight tut-tut noise and asked if I’d been moisturising.

“I think so,” I said. “Most days.”

“Oh, you have to moisturise every day so the hair comes out easily, and you have to exfoliate every third day! Do you do that?”she asked.

“No,” I answered sheepishly.

And them my next thought was “Fricken, hell!”

(I swear to myself A LOT)

“Now I have to add two more things to my never ending list!”

In no particular order, here is my REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET TO DO THESE THINGS  list:

Pelvic floor exercises
Apparently my pelvic floor really and truly has crashed. Badly. Possibly to the point of almost falling out (apologies to my male readers and anyone squeamish).

And my pelvic floor consultant has told me to do my pelvic floor exercises 10 times, three times a day. That’s 30 exercises to remember every single day.

I do about one set every two days. I’m seeing her next week and she will not be happy.

Eating well
Every morning I wake up determined to eat wholefoods; to add my Vital Greens to everything; to count my Weight Watchershs points; and to drink water instead of Diet Coke and coffee.

By 10.30am most days, I’ve forgotten.

Exercise regularly
I have to keep reminding myself not to forget to exercise every second day so I can be trim and terrific, and feel good about myself.

But Friday morning rolls around and I’ve realised I’ve forgotten to make time to exercise.

Take my vitamins
Does anyone ever remember to take their vitamins every morning?

For my own good, I should at least take my iron and vitamin D every morning. But I forget. And then I feel icky and very run down. And wonder why. And then I remember.

Connect with my husband
My husband I both work full time and we have an 8 and 10-year-old. He starts work at 7am and picks the kids up from after school care at about 4.30pm.

By the time I get home from work at 6pm, he’s had a few hours with the kids and  got them showered and sorted. Then I walk straight to the kitchen to get dinner ready.

Most nights we manage a quick kiss hello and a “How was your day?”

We were making time to sit down together for 10 minutes when I got home to reconnect before the craziness of shower-dinner-homework-bed starts.

But we keep forgetting to do this.

Before I was married, I would never have thought you have to remember to connect with your husband. But you really, really do!

And I keep forgetting to!

When I was single, I would get fortnightly pedicures, monthly facials and waxing, and a cut and colour every 6 weeks (before the greys began their rampage on my head).

I didn’t look perfect, but I was ready for anything with well-shaped fingernails, buffed feet and fabulous looking hair.

Now I am always caught short with half-bitten down fingernails, ragged cuticles, skin on my feet that you could grate cheese on, and a hairline like Pepe Le Pew. All because I forget to look after myself.


It’s all the rage, and I know it can only benefit my sense of wellbeing if I take the time to stop and live in the moment. I am a massive advocate of the Resilience Project  and its messages about empathy and gratitude.

I’ve downloaded the Smiling Mind app and even meditated a few times. And it’s really lovely.

I just need to remember to stop and just ‘be’.

Remembering to remember to stop is very tricky, though!

And I often realise my last thought as I drift off to sleep is “Cripes! I forgot to meditate and enjoy the moment today!”


Believe it or not, I sometimes forget I have to follow a low FODMAPS diet. I don’t know why I forget, as the consequences can be pretty dire. But I do.

So I reach for that piece of cake with flour in it, or take a handful of lollies, and then wonder why I look 12 months pregnant and am doubled over in pain from severe cramps.

Oh, yeah that’s right! I forgot to remember!