Monthly Archives: November 2017

Like sand through the hourglass

I’ve tried to start this blog post about 20 times I think. That little voice inside my head has told me over and over to just sit down and write. I even looked at the time and thought that I’ll make the most of the next 15 minutes to sit and write.

Blue-Sand-Hourglass-500AThen the phone would ring.

Or the washing machine would make that annoying noise to tell me it’s finished its load.

Or the kids would yell out for a snack/their school clothes/their breakfast/their dress-up-day costume.

Or it would suddenly be the kids’ bed time.

And then I’d get distracted and nothing would happen.

Where does the time go, these days? How come I seem to have less and less of it?

Only a few years ago, I would sit down every Sunday night and write my blog. Some of my posts were corkers, and some were a bit ‘meh’. But I still did them.

I used to knit! I was teaching myself and really enjoying it.

I used to scrapbook! When I was pregnant with my first baby, I got right in to scrapbooking and bought everything I could possibly need. And stored it on a lovely container.  I even did a few pages and marked up some craft ideas in my scrapbooking magazine to tackle later.

I used to cross stitch! I made a cross stitch of a giraffe and framed it for my first born’s nursery.

I used to write in my diary! Every night, I would sit up in bed and write and write and write.


What got in the way?  I can’t blame the kids, because they are much older now and don’t need me as much.

Why have I stopped doing all the things that gave me joy?

Where is the time? It’s still there, right?

There are still the same hours in the day so I must be us

ing them for other things that I honestly couldn’t list for you.

I wonder if it’s a symptom of working mother guilt? Am I putting more energy and time in to making the house run smoothly and making up for not being at home enough?

I can sense a collective nodding of heads!

Right. If anyone needs me, I’ll be knitting a jumper, while doing a bit of decoupage and blogging about it!