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Swotting with the best of them

Well, it’s started, my friends!

I am in the middle of my Orientation Week for my Masters of Marketing.

Mind you, it’s not been like the good old ‘O Weeks’ of my past! There haven’t been any pub crawls, beer skulling competitions, declarations of undying love to total strangers or projectile vomitting competitions. Aagh, the good old days…

Instead, it’s been little old me logging on to my laptop after a full day at work, making dinner for the kids, eating dinner with the family, giving the kids a bath and reading them their bedtime stories. I think I’ve been able to say a few words to my husband now and then as well.

I am studying off campus, which is very strange.  I’m not sure if I will ever get to meet a fellow ‘classmate’ or if it will all be about online discussions. Gosh, if my computer dies, I am screwed!

My real study begins next week and I have lots of journals and chapters from my textbooks to read. I have also been sent my assignment already – the first part of which is due in 4 weeks.  Holy crap! My head is spinning just thinking about how full on this is going to be.

I wish I was less ambitious and could be content with studying something like ‘Understanding the role of the fairy in Disney movies’.  Alas, I am driven to succeed and to have a good crack at upskilling myself so I can move up the corporate ladder.

The worrying thing is that my application for study leave from work has been knocked back because my manager is concerned that I have taken too much on, and while she supports my decision, my workload is already so huge that she cannot afford for me to take time off.

In other words, she is saying: “You are too important for us to not have in the office – oh, and what the hell are you thinking, woman??!!”

She also said she was concerned about how my work will suffer with the extra load of taking on study.

Well, maybe she has a point there, because this afternoon while she was out at a meeting, I may or may not have photocopied heaps of reading materials or done a bit of research online.  Hee hee.

None of my friends can understand why I am doing this extra study on top of being a full time working Mum with two little kids.  My husband is doing a brilliant job of supporting me as much as he can, but even he is concerned that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

So far, it’s been ok and I’ve managed to fit everything in, but as I said, it hasn’t really started yet.  I’m incredibly nervous about how I will be able to balance work, study and being a wife and mother.

The one good thing is that I have discovered that being time poor actually makes me more efficient. I don’t have time to stuff around and navel gaze, so I just get on with it.

Speaking of which, I’d better stop blogging and get back to it!