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The perfect blog post

A+ for effort
A+ for effort

This isn’t the perfect blog post.

I need to stop waiting until I think of the perfect post before I write my next post.

Because it just means that there is too long a gap between blog posts.

And you all might start to think that I’ve given up on this whole blogging caper.

I haven’t.

I just get stuck sometimes.

Trying to think of the perfect blog post.

So now I will just blog because I’ll pop if I don’t.

And maybe the perfect blog post will just happen.


Thank you to my two followers

I just wanted to take a little bit of time to say thank you to my two wonderful followers!  You’ve come in quite early in my blogging world and I hope we can grow together.

I’ve been spending a bit of time reading some amazing blogs and am following a few myself – including my followers (I’m nothing if not loyal)!  Gawd, there are some great blogs out there and I can only hope to slightly emulate some of that terrific work.

But please, all of you who have passed through and had a quick read, and especially those of you who have made the effort to “like” one of my blogs, let me know how I am going!

I want to hear how I can improve, or if something I’ve written has made you smile or nod your head in agreement (or made you punch your fist in the air and go yeah!!).

Think of me as a sponge.  I want to learn from the masters!